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1/13/2019 8:15 am  #1

CHANGES to 2021 TMCCC Race Program

The TMCCC Board met on  Saturday February 20, 2021 - - the board voted  and approved  the following changes to the Race  Program.

We will continue the - CASH BRACKET. 
The entry is $ 40. to run. 
NOTE: This $ 40. entry fee will be paid to SARAH VIDRINE at the TMCCC registration desk.  Drivers will sign in to CASH Bracket list at this time - no additional Tech Card for this Class.
We must have 15 entries to run the CASH bracket ! 

Payout will be $ 300. Winner, $ 100. RU, $ 50. SEMI's. 
It's an all run Bracket Race.
Cars with Delay Boxes must unplug the box (box does not have to be removed). 
NOTE: Racers must be a registered member of a participating club. They are required to run one of the other 7 classes in our program - in order to run the CASH Bracket. The CASH Bracket does not earn points for the Driver, or the Club - Since it is a cash payout, it will also not receive awards, either at the races, or at the Banquet. 
As always, no Dragsters in the TMCCC race  program.
A new  run order will be instituted to help with cool down times -
     *  STREET muscle
     *  SUPER muscle
     *  KING muscle
     *  OUTLAW muscle
     *  PRO muscle
     *  SUPER PRO muscle
CASH $$ Bracket    Will be run starting 3rd round right after  ELECTRONICS Class 

  Thanks to the following businesses for their sponsorship
   EVATT TITLE COMPANY             Street Muscle
Super Muscle
   CORVETTE CORNER                  Outlaw
   TEXAS TRAILER MAN                 Pro Muscle
   DIESEL POWER SERVICE          Super Pro
   DONE RITE AUTOMOTIVE          Electronics              

                               ENTRY FEE - - - STREET, KING, SUPER, OUTLAW, PRO, SUPER PRO, ELECTRONICS
                                                           Car and Driver $ 30.00 for each Class entered, Paid at Gate
                                                           Can only enter two (2) classes
                                                           DISTINCTIVELY  different Number for Each Class

                               SPECTATOR - -  Entry determined by track at time of Race,
                                                          Paid at the Gate
                                                          Texas Motorplex  $ 15.00
                                                           Xtreme Raceway Park and Big Country Raceway  $ 15.00
                                                           Under 12 years old are free

                              ENTRY FEE - - - for CASH Bracket   $ 40.00, 
                                                          Paid at the TMCCC Registration Table,
                                                          not at gate.  Use your primary Driver number for this Class.   


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1/13/2019 2:15 pm  #2

Re: CHANGES to 2021 TMCCC Race Program

Very good on combining two classes, there could probably be more combined. Is Outlaw really needed? It was turned into an “all run” last year, is that what it will be this year too? If so, it’s a giant class, compared to what it was originally. Less people might run the Money class if it’s there. If it’s all run again, rename it to some sort of consolation race.
It just seems adding more classes will make for a longer day, something tracks and even racers would like to shorten, especially tracks that have a Sunday evening program.


1/14/2019 5:01 pm  #3

Re: CHANGES to 2021 TMCCC Race Program

Thank you Bill for taking the time to post this.

Outlaw was designed for the cars that didn’t fit in the foot brake classes (trans brake or electric shifter and such)  We opened it up to an all run to give everyone another opertunity to run an additional class.

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Let's make Drag Racing great again. 😉

1/18/2019 3:00 pm  #4

Re: CHANGES to 2021 TMCCC Race Program

UPDATE on Oil Containment "Diapers" for 2019 TMCCC Season

Both the Texas Motorplex and Xtreme Raceway Park  have replied to our President Jorge Suris

"Diapers"  will not be required for the TMCCC Program - -  - 

It is highly recommended that if your vehicle runs in the low 5's or quicker, that a "Diaper" is used.

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Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
2411 Thomas Road - Haltom City, Tx 76117
(817) 759-1950   Website
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