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2/07/2010 8:20 am  #1

The Hillbilly Hotrods

Howdy! My name is Jeff Thompson, who along with my father Leo decided to start our own club back in the 90's. We have been a pain in everybodies side since then. We enjoy racing with the TMCCC and have won the championship both Big club and Little club multiple times. Feel free to check out our website at We would love to have your input. Our little group of hooligans is compromised of all brands and flavors of hot rods. We have Bentleys and Drop top Benses along with the good old Chevy's and Ford's heck we even had a Dodge or two. Our premise is very simple. We do not charge our members club dues because we feel that if you have a hot rod then you have paid enough dues already. Some clubs frown on that and look at us and say that we are not a real club but, to those I say yes we are. We have some of the fiercest competitors in our club. We also like to stir it up a little and tease and pick on some of the other clubs. If you feel that we are a good fit for you and you would like to join us or you just want to talk a little smack feel free to contact myself or my father. My personal email is Look forward to hearing from you and see you at the Track!!!


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