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10/01/2018 12:33 am  #1

Wichita Falls Sept 30, 2018 race winners

Electronics-  Winner:  Max McLaughlin           404M-GG              
               Runner-up:   M Ellis                         4X8E
                        Semi:   Charlie Ford                471H
                        Semi:   X
Super-Pro-   Winner:   Michael Rhea                416Y
               Runner-up:   Jim Dupree                 420GM
                        Semi:   Gary Kemble              544L
                        Semi:   H Young                      638
Outlaw-        Winner:   Martin Wright              521GM
               Runner-up:   Chad Boren                 826TC
                        Semi:   Jason Pipkin               687L
                        Semi:   X
Pro-              Winner:   Russell Creamer         243GM
               Runner-up:   Joshua Melton             794W
                        Semi:   Jorge Suris                530LX
                        Semi:   X
King-            Winner:   Cody Lesley                594HS
               Runner-up:   James Lee                  45M
                        Semi:   Chris Cassell              187LX
                        Semi:   X
Super-          Winner:   G Hancock                  2T2
               Runner-up:   Rodney Heltzel           1031M
                        Semi    David Huffman          602L
                        Semi:   D Martin                   823L
Street-          Winner:   Dennis Cryer               781GM
               Runner-up:   Don Deering                119L
                        Semi:   Bobby Avis                  573L
                        Semi:   X
Stock-           Winner:  Jason Hamner             507L
               Runner-up:   B Marks                      377L
                        Semi:   Martha Kaus               571H
                        Semi:   F Smith                      610L

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10/01/2018 8:08 am  #2

Re: Wichita Falls Sept 30, 2018 race winners

MARTHA KAUS, you are absolutely AWESOME - Not only posted the results by this morning, you have posted the updated points - - that is a large task.  Thank you so much for what you do for the TMCCC Race Program. AWESOME !!!!  

Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
2411 Thomas Road - Haltom City, Tx 76117
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