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1/09/2018 5:25 pm  #1

2018 Contingency Program from Texas Trailer Man

At the 2017 Banquet we announced we would offer a Contingency program for the 2018 TMCCC Race Season
2411 Thomas Road, Haltom City, TX 76117
Ofc (817) 759-1950  Fax (817) 759-1996
November 18, 2017

                             2018 Texas Trailer Man TMCCC Contingency Program
Texas Trailer Man is proud to announce our 2018 Contingency Program for TMCCC participants.
 This Contingency will be available to:
[*]TMCCC participants who have purchased, and own trailers from Texas Trailer Man
[*]It will also be available to TMCCC participants who have been regular customers of Texas Trailer Man, as noted below.
[*] Who have purchased parts and accessories from Texas Trailer Man
[*] Who have had Texas Trailer Man make repairs or service their trailers.
[*] Who have purchased Tow Vehicle parts, installation and/or service at Texas Trailer Man.
This Contingency program will begin with the first race of the 2018 TMCCC season.
To Participate:    TMCCC participants will need to register with Texas Trailer Man.  Registration             
                            is available beginning with the 2017 TMCCC Banquet – Registration will continue
                            until beginning of Eliminations at TMCCC Race #1 of 2018.
Fill out the Registration form completely and hand back to a Texas Trailer Man representative.
Texas Trailer Man is responsible for administering the Contingency program.
TMCCC will only provide Texas Trailer Man with Driver Names and Car numbers of the Winner, Runner Up, and Semi Finalist(s) participants – for each of the Eight classes.
Super Pro Muscle
Outlaw Muscle
Pro Muscle
King Muscle
Super Muscle
Street Muscle
Stock Muscle                                       Page one of three
Contingency Payout Amounts     Number of Classes  Total possible contingency per race
Class Winner $ 20.00                             8                          $ 160.00
Runner Up     $ 10.00                            8                          $   80.00
Semi’s           $   5.00                            8                          $  40.00 to $ 80.00
                                        Total possible payout per race    $ 280.00 to $ 320.00
                                            Total possible payout 2018    $ 2800.00 to $ 3200.00
Contingency payout will be done by Texas Trailer Man Check to Participant or Car Owner,
As specified on your registration form.
We wish everyone a great 2018 TMCCC racing season.  We are proud to be a supporter of
this awesome racing program.
Thanks very much to all,

Bill Boon
Owner, Texas Trailer Man 

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2411 Thomas Road, Haltom City, TX 76117
Ofc (817) 759-1950  Fax (817) 759-1996
November 18, 2017
                             2018 Texas Trailer Man TMCCC Contingency Program
NAME: __________________________   CLUB:__________________________
Address: _____________________________ City_______________  Zip__________
Phone________________________________ email address _____________________
Do you currently own a trailer purchased from Texas Trailer Man – Yes_______ No_______
Have you used Texas Trailer Man to purchase parts
or do service on your trailer or tow vehicle?                   Yes________ No________
Please give us a description of your Race Car—Year_______ Mfg________ Model_______
Color  ______________  Car number ___________  Club Designation Letter _________
Car Owner __________________ Sponsor(s) _________________________________
Make CONTINGENCY Payment to –  Name      _________________________________
What TMCCC class do you participate in ______________
How many years have you been a participant in TMCCC ___________
Texas Trailer Man will not share or furnish this information to any other source.
Thank you for being a participant and supporting TMCCC – lets continue to grow this program together.
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Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
2411 Thomas Road - Haltom City, Tx 76117
(817) 759-1950   Website

1/09/2018 5:34 pm  #2

Re: 2018 Contingency Program from Texas Trailer Man

Below is a list of TMCCC participants who are already qualified for the Texas Trailer Man
2018 Contingency program

2411 Thomas Road, Haltom City, TX 76117
Ofc (817) 759-1950  Fax (817) 759-1996
                                      CAR             CLUB           QUAL                   
NAME                             NUMBER     DESIG         DATE
STAN ALLAN                     65L             L                 11/18/2017
BOBBY AVIS                     576L           L                 11/18/2017
CHASE BARKLEY              678RR         RR               11/18/2017
MICHAEL BEARCE             555L           L                 11/18/2017
LARRY BENSON               505H           H                 11/18/2017
AARON BOON                  4019L          L                 11/18/2017
BILL BOON                      4773L          L                 11/18/2017
FRANK BONCZEK             518L            L                 11/18/2017
ROBERT BROOM JR.         473Z           Z                 11/18/2017
PAUL BROWN                  565GM        GM               11/18/2017
MARK BUCHANAN            979L            L                 11/18/2017
DANA BURTH                   111L            L                 11/18/2017
KENNETH BURTON          750DC         DC                11/18/2017
BRYAN CARPENTER         1966L          L                  11/18/2017
J. BLACKWELL                  25L             L                 11/18/2017
JAY CASEY                     4724Z          Z                  11/18/2017
ERIC COVINGTON           517M          M                  11/18/2017
MARK CRYER                  510GM        GM               11/18/2017
DON DEERING                119L            L                 11/18/2017
JOANN DEERING             120L            L                 11/18/2017
JIM DUPREE                   420GM        GM               11/18/2017
MIKE ELLEBRACHT          552L           L                  11/18/2017
WAYNE EPPLER               433B          H                  11/18/2017
CLINT GOOLSBAY           502GM        GM               11/18/2017
JOE GREEN                     43L             L                 11/18/2017
JOHN HAGEN                 503GM        GM               11/18/2017
JASON HAMNER             4757L           L                11/18/2017
ROD HELTZEL                4621M         M                 11/18/2017
LONNIE HENDRY            1964L          L                 11/18/2017
KELLY HILLA                  157L            L                 11/18/2017
DAVID HUFFMAN            602L           L                 11/18/2017
GARY KEMBLE                544L           L                 11/18/2017
DENNIS KIRKLAND        7GM            GM              11/18/2017
BRENT LANCASTER        331Y           Y                 11/18/2017
RICHARD LEMMON         68L             L                 11/18/2017
MIKE LYNN                    400Y           Y                 11/18/2017
TONY MALONE               499RR        RR               11/18/2017
DAVID MARTIN              823L           L                 11/18/2017
JIM MCCUTCHEN            573L           L                 11/18/2017
ROGER MELTON             574W          W                11/18/2017
BOBBY MOFFETT           4200W        W                 11/18/2017
LARRY MOORE               545M          M                 11/18/2017
MIKE MORIARTY            1220L          L                 11/18/2017
JIMMY O’NEAL                68H            H                 11/18/2017
CURTIS REDMON           786LX         LX                11/18/2017
MICHAEL RHEA              4163Y         Y                 12/20/2017
B RIFE                          178RR          RR              11/18/2017
BRADY RUSSELL            369Y           Y                 11/18/2017
LEON RUSSELL              580Y           Y                 11/18/2017
CLAY SLACK                   78Y            Y                 11/18/2017
MANDY STRIEGEL         213RR          RR              11/18/2017
SCOTT STRIEGEL          121RR          RR              11/18/2017
JORGE SURIS                530LX         LX               11/18/2017
SARAH VIDRINE            581M           M                11/18/2017
GENE WHITE                 201Y            Y                11/18/2017
GREG WILDER               435GM        GM              11/18/2017
Thanks very much for being a part of TMCCC and the Texas Trailer Man
Contingency Program for 2018
Bill Boon
Owner, Texas Trailer Man    

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Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
2411 Thomas Road - Haltom City, Tx 76117
(817) 759-1950   Website
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