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10/05/2020 7:21 am  #1

XRP 10/4/20 Race Results

Martha is on vacation so I'm going post a quick update for yesterday and she will get the points tallied when she returns.

We had 160 tech cards purchased and 25 cars running the cash bracket!

Street Muscle:
Winner- Randy Cryer (541 GM)    Runner Up- Craig Bush (278C)
Semis- Twila Henderson (516Q) & Mike Moriarty (575Q)

Super Muscle:
Winner- John Roach II (214C)     Runner Up- Jason Pipkin (687Q)
Semi- Josh Lesley (499HS)

King Muscle:
Winner- Curtis Redmon (786LX)     Runner Up- Bobby Avis (576L)
Semi- Stan Allen (850 GM)

Pro Muscle:
Winner- Dean Perkins (GX69B)     Runner Up- Zach Fowler (549M)
Semi- R Wilson (924K)

Super Pro Muscle:
Winner- Robby Martin (770GM)    Runner Up- Bobby O'Neill (434H)
Semi- Larry Fleming (502Y)

Winner- Jason Pipkin (688Q)    Runner Up- Duane Riedel (734Z)
Semis- Mike Moriarty (7777Q) & J Elmore (702Y)

Winner- David Marshall (519HS)    Runner Up- Mike Bearce (7555L)
Semis-  (LX69X) & Bobby Moffett (4200L)

$Cash Bracket$
Winner- Kenny Bradley   Runner Up- Mike Lesley
Semi- Bobby Moffett

Congrats everyone and see ya'll for our final race on 10/25/20 at the Motorplex!

TMCCC Secretary
(Ford Muscle Race Club)

10/05/2020 12:17 pm  #2

Re: XRP 10/4/20 Race Results

Thanks for stepping up and getting it done.

Let's make Drag Racing great again. 😉

10/06/2020 5:58 am  #3

Re: XRP 10/4/20 Race Results

I second that motion - 160 tech cards at Xtreme - really, really good turn out. Thanks to everyone that came and supported our series. Hopefully we can get a repeat of that number or better for the race at the Motorplex on October  25th - which will be our final race of 2020.

Bill Boon
Texas Trailer Man
2411 Thomas Road - Haltom City, Tx 76117
(817) 759-1950   Website

10/06/2020 12:36 pm  #4

Re: XRP 10/4/20 Race Results

Hi Sarah
Thanks for posting. However the semi finalist in King was Steve Allen, not Stan. I know Stan shows up in the standings many times, he's a good racer so I totally understand the slip.
Regards, Steve.
PS- It was my first time out this season and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and seeing a lot of familiar faces that I haven't seen for a while. Looking forward to Oct 25th.


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