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7/13/2020 8:56 pm  #1

Ennis, July 12, 2020, Race Results

It was hot, but we did get out of there pretty early. We gave out awards in the big covered area in front of the bathrooms called the "Ice House".  We probably will start giving them out there.  We had several left, along with several from other races, so please pick them up at the next race from Sarah.

And the winners were-
     Winner- Brent Lancaster 3X31Y                  RunnerUp- Clay Slack 78Y
     Semi-Charlie Ford  471H
     Winner- Cody Lesley  594HS                      RunnerUp- Tyler Mancuso  578H
     Semi- Mike Ellebratch  552L
Super Pro:
     Winner- Robby Martin  774GM                    RunnerUp- Larry Fleming  502Y
     Semi-Luke Manning  566GM         
     Winner- Dwayne Riedel  734Z                     RunnerUp- Mark Steinke  426LX
     Semi- Tom Cheatwood  62T
     Winner- Tyler Mancuso  578H                     RunnerUp- Richard Parsley 383L
     Semi- Matt Evatt  520M                  
     Winner- Michael Stone  135M                      RunnerUp- Dennis Cryer  781GM
     Semi- John Roach  214C                &           Yolanda Vasquez  625RR            
     Winner- Tim Baker  444G                             RunnerUp- Wayne Cryer 225GM
     Semi- Mancy Striegel  213RR          

Cash bracket:
     Winner- Kenny Bradley  651GM                    RunnerUp-Jason Pipkin  687Q
     Semi- Tim Baker 444G                     &           Mike Lesley  593HS  

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7/13/2020 9:27 pm  #2

Re: Ennis, July 12, 2020, Race Results

Thank you Martha

Let's make Drag Racing great again. 😉

11/19/2023 5:11 am  #3

Re: Ennis, July 12, 2020, Race Results

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